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Dr. Rebecca Rhee, PhD religion and literature, blogger, author and mom explores where our life journeys and the stories of Scripture meet.

Rebecca Rhee


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At heart, I am a storyteller, one who studies the narratives of the Bible and also frames the ongoing events in her life as a narrative being written by God. I hope that the stories you encounter here give you a sense of something sacred unfolding in your own life, for that is how we gain strength, hope, and perspective. Thank you for visiting!

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What I Do

I share stories and more in many ways

I invite you to share in my years of Biblical study, as well as my experiences as a long-term struggler and survivor. Listen as I bring Scripture to life, laying holy texts beside the very “human” text of my life. 

Learn how everyday objects I encounter in my daily life lead to emotional and spiritual truths I wouldn’t otherwise see.

Pen writing on paper

Delve into some in-depth explorations of Biblical topics as well as academic essays examining the artistic aspects of Scripture. Get to know me as both a pastoral teacher and literary scholar.

“Rebecca has an unusually strong grasp of the Hebrew Bible. She makes its stories—both familiar and unfamiliar—easy to understand without compromising the depth, substance, and nuances of the original language. It is a pure delight to learn from her!”

Dr. Peter Kapsner

Professor of Practical Theology at
University of Northwestern, St. Paul and Bethel University
Co-host, Deeper Magic
A Discussion of the Construction of Identity in the Odyssey and Genesis