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About my writings

I am an interdisciplinary scholar through and through, having earned my BA from Yale University in the Humanities (literature, history, and art), my Masters of Arts and Religion from Yale Divinity School, and my PhD in Religion and Literature from Boston University. Having studied text from different times and cultures, I can honestly say the literature that fascinates me most is the Hebrew Bible, especially biblical narrative.

In this section you can get to know me as a literary critic (i.e., academic reader) of the Hebrew Bible rather than one who approaches Scriptures more systematically, as a theologian or historical critic. I will also show you my pastoral side, by including teachings I have done for my church community over the years.

Whichever field I venture into, I hope I lead you somewhere lifegiving. For that is what the study of the Bible, however you approach it, should be all about.

Academic Monographs

A Discussion of the Construction of Identity in the Odyssey and Genesis

Pastoral Teachings